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Determine the Effectiveness of Detectability and Scalability of Wetland Plant Communities Using WorldView 2 and Landsat Satellite Data for the Greater Everglades

This research project supports the assessment of landscape patterns in the Greater Everglades wetland domain. The purpose of this project was to evaluate the use of remote sensing 1) to detect and map Everglades wetland plant communities at different scales; and 2) to compare map products delineated and resampled at various scales with the intent to quantify and describe the quantitative and qualitative differences between such products. We evaluated data provided by Digital Globe’s WorldView 2 (WV2) sensor with a spatial resolution of 2m and data from Landsat’s Thematic and Enhanced Thematic Mapper (TM and ETM+) sensors with a spatial resolution of 30m. We were [more]

Andean Amazon GIS Web Portal (AAGWP)

Welcome to the Andean Amazon Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Web Portal (AAGWP), a GIS-based portal designed by the FIU GIS Center for users to acquire, harvest, and publish standardized geospatial and attribute data and metadata about the physical and socioeconomic environments with a focus on the Andean Amazon region of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Perú. Collections such as the Digital Flora of Ucayali, Perú are featured under this project. The AAGWP aims to provide support and new research tools for scientists, policy makers, educators as well as information professionals and the general public, who will find the fine scale data accessible through the portal particular [more]

Safe Routes to Schools

SRTS is a new federal reimbursement program to enable and encourage children in grades K-8, including those with disabilities, to walk and cycle to school; to make walking and cycling to school safer and more appealing; and to facilitate the planning, development, and implementation of projects that will improve safety and reduce traffic, fuel consumption, and air pollution in the vicinity of schools. The FIU Library GIS Center was funded by the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to develop a web-based route planner to support SRTS.  The routing program takes into consideration interaction with traffic, sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic lights, speed limits, and other factors [more]

Global Water for Sustainability Program (GLOWS)

The Global Water for Sustainability (GLOWS) program is a USAID-funded initiative to promote the integrated management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems world-wide. Program activities seek to maximize the economic and social benefits derived from water resources while sustaining freshwater [more]

Geo-Spatial Data Preparation Modules for Implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction Modeling (DRR)

The FIU GIS Center, in conjunction with the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Program and the Bell Program, will develop and host on-line training modules and on-site short courses with the objective to build capacity in the field of data preparation for disaster risk assessment modeling. The focus of the modules is to establish data processing procedures to elevate data and extract spatially explicit information from raw data for implementation of the Central American Probabilistic Risk Assessment (CAPRA) model. CAPRA applies principles of probabilistic risk assessment to the analysis of hurricane, earthquake, volcano, flood, tsunami and landslide hazards. CAPRA applications include the creation and visualization [more]

Transportation Outreach Planner

The Transportation Outreach Planner, funded by MPO Miami and Palm Beach County, is a geo-spatially enabled online interactive reporting program. The FIU Library GIS Center worked in collaboration with the FIU Metropolitan Center to develop this regional community involvement program.  The Planner contains an interactive mapping and reporting tool for demographic profiles down to the block group level, a comprehensive collection of community background reports, and a set of public involvement strategy tools for optimizing outreach to the public. This semi-automated program allows urban planners and managers to quickly generate a socio-economic profile for a neighborhood or community defined by the user, providing comparisons [more]

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